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CWPC Signed a Contract with BYP for the NO.2 Unit of a Biomass Project





On the morning of February 15,2017,a solemn signing ceremony between CWPC and BYP was held in Longquan for the No.2 unit of a biomass project.Chairman Li Renchao,Vice-president Yang Chunle,Vice-president Yang Xiangdong ,etc.attended this ceremony.

Both sides expressed sincere greetings for each other. “BYP has more than 70 years history in Thailand, it focuses on producing quality rice, corn and working on food trade. It owns a stable market and a well-known reputation. CWPC shall better use this opportunity to not only provide customers with quality services ,help our customer solve problems ,but also expand our overseas market and promote our comprehensive capability with the help of BYP’s brand influence ” said Chairman Li Renchao .

It is reported that this project will be located in Bo Ai, northeast of Thailand. Once this No.2 unit is completed and under operation, it will be the first biomass boiler (rice hull only) with maximum power generation and the highest design level .This project will further promote our brand popularity.